Best coaching classes for UPSC preparation (Online and Offline)

Preparing for UPSC IAS Examination is tough. It can be nearly confusing without specific knowledge of course and strategy. Coachings provide you with that guidance and a plan which will be fruitful for you.

What’s more confusing after deciding to study with the help of coaching? Choosing an ideal one. You can find a plethora of coaching centres available everywhere. However, it’s always recommended to study from the best.

To ease your work, we have compiled a list of some of the best coaching centres, both online and offline. Without much delay, let’s get into it.

Online Coaching for UPSC IAS in India

As there are geographical boundaries, and every student is not fortunate to study in an offline manner. Online coaching for UPSC IAS is getting popular among those students who cannot leave their home town due to any personal or financial issues.

The most significant advantage of online classes is that students don’t need to step out of their home. They can continue their studies without any compromise. In a time like this, it is proved that online coachings or classes are saviours for every dedicated student.

However, there is still a hint of hesitation among students regarding online coachings. As there are a lot of online coaching institutes, we have shortlisted some of them which are among the best online coaching for UPSC IAS in India.

  1. Unacademy: Unacademy is one of the best online coachings for UPSC IAS in India. Unacademy offers students with the best guidance and motivates every student to become an IAS officer. The courses offered by Unacademy are at a very reasonable officer, and it caters the needs of every aspirant.

What to expect from Unacademy?

  • Daily Quiz
  • Monthly Magazine for Current Affairs
  • Online Classes
  • Test Series
  • Video Lectures
  • Daily Current Affairs
  • Video Lectures
  • Daily Newspaper

2. Legacy IAS Academy

Legacy, one of the top-notch platforms for UPSC IAS Coaching online. IAS, such a challenging examination requires the best online coaching centre. Legacy IAS Academy will provide you with all pdf notes. In case you don’t prefer pdf notes, they will post them at your address.

They explain to you with a detailed analysis of every topic, and they create a strong base. Legacy IAS Academy allows you to switch to shift from online to offline classes later on.

What to expect from Legacy IAS Academy?

  • PDF notes
  • Detailed Tests
  • Time-bound online tests
  • Feedback

3. Elite IAS Academy

Elite IAS Academy is providing online coaching as well. This institutes cater to the needs of every student and are the best coaching institute in Delhi. This institute has a complete team of experienced faculties. Elite IAS Academy provides the service at a very affordable rate.

What to expect from Elite IAS Academy?

  • Guidance from expert teachers
  • Consistent efforts and plans
  • Reasonable fee

4. Rau’s IAS Academy

Rau’s IAS Academy has experience of more than 67 years of coaching. Suppose you are looking for an institute who has immense experience and expert faculties as well. This might be the ideal option for you. The success record of this IAS Academy is excellent and has given one-third of the bureaucrats to the country.

What to expect from Rau’s IAS Academy?

  • Premium Guidance
  • Top-notch classes
  • Experience Faculties

5. Vision IAS

Vision IAS is one of the best online coaching institutes for IAS. Vision IAS began its online portal because of COVID-19 outbreak due to high demand. Vision IAS lets you switch between online and offline programs as well.

What to expect from Vision IAS?

  • Recording of class incase you miss any.
  • Test Series
  • Best faculty

Offline Coaching for UPSC IAS in India

While there are a bunch of options for online IAS coaching, many students still like the traditional way of learning. These students prefer offline coaching over an online one.

Just as online coachings, there are a whole lot of options for offline one. Here is the list for best offline coaching for UPSC IAS in India:

  1. Vajiram and Ravi IAS Coaching: Vajiram and Ravi Coaching is well known for its dedication which it provides in training students. It is also known for its weekend batches. So, if you are a working professional, this might be the ideal option for you. Vajiram and Ravi IAS coaching never advertises so if you think that you haven’t heard of them, this is the reason.
  2. Vision IAS: Vision IAS is one of the best institutes for UPSC coaching in Delhi. Vision IAS has managed to grab its place in one of the best coaching institutes in Delhi. It is known for its unique strategies which can be of enormous help for any aspirant.
  3. Shankar IAS Academy: Shankar IAS Academy is one of the renowned institutes for IAS coaching. It also has an option for online coaching. It has the perfect proven strategy which will help you in cracking the examination. It also conducts class tests.
  4. Drishti IAS Coaching Delhi: Anyone who is searching for best institute for Hindi medium, Drishti IAS is the option. The fees from Drishti IAS coaching institute is reasonable. The success rate of the institute is high and won’t let you down.
  5. Plutus IAS: Plutus is one of the best coaching institutes in Delhi, and you can also opt for the Hindi language. There are various programs which are offered by Plutus IAS, and you can choose any one of them.

Every coaching can give you a road map, but you have to decide to walk upon it. So every teacher can show you the right path, but you have to think and act accordingly.


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