How to Prepare For UPSC Without Coaching? Best Advice to Crack the Examination.

How can anyone prepare for UPSC Examination without any online coaching? This question has been in the mind of every UPSC aspirant since ages. So, the answer is YES! You can clear the most challenging exam in the country without any coaching. It’s not fair that most of the coachings cost a fortune.

If anyone had asked this question before the huge digital change, I would have said no. However, with such digital transformation, any determined student can clear this without any coaching.

UPSC is considered to be one of the toughest aspired careers in India. As it consists of the vast syllabus and not to mention the competition is enormous in the very first stage. After prelims, the competition gets chunked, and you know that you are now competing with some of the best students.

Many students dream of clearing this exam and at the same time, have the potential as well. Due to a rumour, that you need to have coaching to remove this, those students don’t bother to try. As all of the aspirants do not come from a strong financial background, and eventually they settle for less.


This is the most asked question, can I clear it without any coaching? You need to ask it to yourself. Suppose you think that you are highly determined and you know how to keep yourself motivated, despite all the hostile peoples. You can do it. As far as syllabus and materials are concerned, you can see about them in our previously published blogs. So I think I have answered this question and let’s move to our next section.


Step 1.

Go Through the Syllabus: The syllabus of UPSC for IAS is vast, and you need to know what to read. Do not memorise it; you need to read it every day. When you read the syllabus every day, you don’t get confused, and it also acts as a reminder that you need to study to cover this giant sea of the syllabus. It keeps you motivated in the right way, that you cannot ignore your daily routine, and you have to do this. The syllabus is vital, so you should be well aware of that.

Step 2.

Choose Your Optional: After you have read the syllabus and understood it. You must have figured out that you need to choose an optional subject. You have many choices regarding which subject to choose from. If there is a subject which fascinates you, go for it and if not, select one in which you know that you can gain marks quickly.

If you have chosen your optional subjects, don’t you think you need to have guidance on what to read. Don’t worry; I am not talking about coaching; I am speaking of such notes which are crafted by toppers. Click here to know more about those notes.

Step 3.

Previous Year Questions: Now, when you were in your first year of college, and you notice that your semester is near. What did you use to do? You would ask your senior for the previous year questions. Your purpose was to see the question pattern and analyse them.

The same concept goes for UPSC IAS Examination as well. You need to see the pattern and analyse the trend of the questions; it will help you to know where do you stand. By studying them, you will know what should be the magnitude of your preparation.

Step 4.

Prepare a Study Plan: You must have read this point in every UPSC strategy for study blog. Why? Because it is essential. You must have a plan which you can follow every day. Suppose you are a person who cannot sit for hours in a place. Divide your goals into chunks. Use the Pomodoro technique and divide your duration into small plans.

For instance: Revise the first chapter for 30 minutes. You can determine such goals, and it will be useful for your study. When I say that make goals, do not craft unrealistic goals, such as complete five chapters in two hours with revision. It does seem unrealistic. When you make such unrealistic goals, it demotivates you at the end because you fail to achieve such goals. So prepare a realistic study plan and stick with it no matter what.

Step 5.

Strengthen Your Foundation: Now imagine you started your education and you didn’t know the multiplication table. Will you able to solve complex problems which would come in upcoming grades? No right.

So how can you expect to clear such a tough examination with a weak base? The most important thing when you begin to study, you need to find areas where you are weak. After that, work on those areas for a longer time. You can refer to NCERT books as they are for beginners and easy to understand.

To know more about the demographics of India and world, start from maps. Practice them, and eventually, you will master it. Remember the reason for a strong building lies in its foundation.

Step 6.

Read Newspaper every day: You are well aware of the fact that current affairs hold a significant amount of significance in UPSC examination. But how are you supposed to know all of that? There is only one simple and the best solution for that, add newspaper to your daily routine. UPSC aspirants must read The Hindu and The Economic Times. You need to go through the editorial sections and make notes out of it. But that doesn’t mean you need to memorise the whole newspaper. You need to go through the critical areas which are of national importance and note those events.

After making notes, revise them every day and should be the very first thing you do when you sit to study. Be consistent; it is the only key.

Step 7.

Read Surveys: If you went through previous year question papers carefully, you might have noticed that there are specific questions which are related to some surveys. For that, you need to read Indian Year Book and Economic Surveys.

Step 8.

No shortcut — Practice is the key!: After you implemented these steps and you are ready to begin. You can check the booklist here. You have to consistent and practice. Ever heard “No Pain No Gain?” you have to do all the hard work and practice. You must revise daily. Without revision, you will forget all the old things. To keep them fresh, provide a time slot to revision.


No strategy will work unless and until implemented. Your hard work and determination will be the only reason for your success. Be consistent and motivate yourself now and then. Read about people who can inspire you. Here are some videos from toppers who agree with us. UPSC toppers strategically write the notes available on our website, make sure you have a look at them.

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